how we do it

1. bring your pre-loved designer clothes into the shop. we will email you within 3 days detailing the pieces we have accepted and the prices at which we intend selling them. you then have 1 week to collect any unaccepted items after which time they will go to one of our selected charities.

2. the accepted items will be sold at the agreed price for between 4 to 5 weeks (depending on the day of receipt). after this time the pieces will be reduced by 1/3 for a further 2 weeks. if after this time they are unsold they will be reduced again to either £5 or £10 for a final week. if the items are unsold after this time (7 weeks in total) they will be given to one of our charities.

3. if the items are sold within the 7 week period we will send you an email confirming the sale and the amount that you are due to receive. you are then able to reinvest in the store, collect the cash or request payment direct to your bank account.

you are entitled to come in and collect your pieces at any time throughout the 7 week period.

please note we do all we can to guard against these nasties but the owner accepts all risk of loss or damage to pieces including shoplifting while in the shop. as all pieces are pre-loved everything is sold as seen and we operate a no-refund policy.

*you will receive 50% of the sale price when taken as in-store credit and 40% when taken out as cash. this excludes a special discounted VAT rate of 6% of which you will be required to split with us.

how we do it